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Fight the Chaos - a Prescription for Prosperity
Hindsight is an ephemeral conceit of wisdom, made humble with humility. Past events do not dictate future outcomes for two reasons. Entropy (or randomness), and a categorical imperative to assign categories to information structures, in other words, bringing order to the chaos. Making mundane the "messy-ness" around us is the role of (most) religion and entertaining spiritual or heavenly aspirations. Alternatives realize the wonder of our world. Ephemeral yet wonderful. Cruel at times, yet forgiving in others. Onion skinning emotions onto reality is a fallacy. Or is it? Grasping this concept is important to understanding the determinism of big data. This is the point where Physics and Metaphysics combine. Quantifying the unpredictable is falsifiable if considered through the lens of probability philosophy. The meta-physician asks, “What is real?” Answered in probabilities, randomness is self-similar all the way down to the quantum level. Forget the turtles, it’s randomness all the way down!
“... time in Shakespeare, most incisively in the Sonnets, constitute an anthology of perceptions comparable only to those in Dante and in Proust. There is, one hazard, a poetics and a metaphysics of temporality to be harvested from the mere …”  
- George Steiner
(1929- ) Grammars of Creation (2001)
Shakespeare, Dante, and Proust are the exemplars of temporality, their creations marching to the forward and backward cadence of time. At what point does futurity and memory become uniquely human? To encapsulate immediacy of experience with a non-human sense of the past, present and future would be to define non-human consciousness. The concept of cadence within time is very interesting and obvious in the works of Shakespeare, Dante, and Proust. Read Shakespeare's Sonnets or anything by Proust or Dante. Our current day perception of time will undoubtedly change over time. Is the Shakespearean sense of time different than Dante's? The theme of repeatable time dates back as far as language itself. Time binds the anthology of perception and consciousness. Out of his sound-proofed, fumigated hive, Proust secreted a multitudinous society, a city for thought and for feeling rivaling Dante's. By force of sub-liminal bookkeeping - precisely the same budget was adhered to by Kierkegaard - Proust bent … Through solitude, Proust created a city of thought rivaling Dante's.
Duality Statement: Which is more prolific in thought leadership? Silos of solitude or theories of chaos? Solitude is great for creative minds but nothing is created in a vacuum. Who hasn't created a mind palace? Well for some it may be more of a weekend cottage. Thought-scapes are typical to the forced solitude of the creator. Again, which is more prolific in thought leadership, silos of solitude versus simple chaos? Complex imaginary worlds give our minds additional space to be creative and exist as the origin of innovation.
Steiner's perception of ever-increasing violence and chaos in society is contrasted with Steven Pinker's 2011 book; The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. Take your pick, but please pay for it with intellectual sweat. An honest and heartfelt attempt is what I am asking of you.
Is Big Data a metaphysical conversation on chaos? How do we parse this increase in information? No grand narrative exists as the academics philosophize, for we are in post-modernity! What follows? Mass extinction?
To identify matter as one category of Thomistic causation let's go for the biggest question of all. Why does life matter? "Life matters because it matters", is hardly the response expected by Thomas Aquinas or Aristotle with his four-part deconstruction of causation. Perhaps it's the correct answer? From a material cause, it has a new determination, as formed by humanity. For me, formal causation is the node of negation processed through the minds of millions. Efficient is Physics all the way down and final causation shows us a utility for nihilism. It provides perspective, a Point of Propagation. The next step is semantics, which adds more structure to the information. It is my humble request for Science, Reason and Humanity to declassify and demystify the information structures that comfort modernity. Rebuild them if you must, but don't lose the original perspectives and always, always ask, “What if?” During this process additional classifications may surround concepts, these are information structures and provide order to our chaos. Make the correlations, build data sets to look at the data in a multitude of different ways. Create algorithms to enhance the efficiency of living, not just consuming.
Fractals are fascinating,  our consciousness runs counterpoint to the laws of the universe. I am hesitant to say, “fine-tuned” because of the implications of a tuner or a tinkerer. Consciousness will change. This is inevitable. It may not be measurable in the next decade but let’s pause for a moment and acknowledge a 5,000-year awareness of the self in a social, replicable sense. Sui generis with Science is self-replicating social awareness. The fall of Science is the fall of humankind as we know it. In the meantime and in between time we have user illusions and the quantum world. Fundamental to the expansion of the universe, entropy permeates and makes possible the diversity we find in life. Complex beings will become more complex or thrive trying. Survival is bringing order to the chaos of complexity. As our consciousness expands, so must our perceptions. I find it rewarding to imagine 5,000 years from now, how about 50,000 years, 500,000 years, 5 million years, or 5 billion years from now. What will the human species look like? Is consciousness the same? This is, of course, assuming a preemptive extinction. Thinking so is naive. For me, the more probable outcome of this thought experiment is a merger with technology, the direction of which is dictated by the efficiency of information. A disruption in resources may slow this inevitable march forward, but only one thing will stop this metamorphosis of the human species and that would be the extinction of prior knowledge. A reset, the extinction of what it was like to be human returns the entire existence of humanity to nothingness. Awareness is consciousness. Without awareness we have no consciousness.
"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others."- Marcus Tullius Cicero
2 Become 1: The Right Image is Never Absolute
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2 Become 1: The Right Image is Ephemeral - artist apply themselves and the image evolves

The merger between art and artist is ephemeral. Open for interpretation the community can contribute at will, this stage play and performance, commanded by the narrative is not a restriction but a path forward. Contribute, if you are up to the challenge.
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