Inescapable Positions of Individuation
Are you ready? Ready for the paradigm shift? Our comprehension and artificial manipulation of information structures are changing the landscape of life. The evolution of our species is already millions of years in the making. The definition of consciousness is a delta function, a change over time of the mind over matters of perceived reality. Time is an important dimension to the definition of consciousness and I am surprised that it doesn't filter into every discussion.

Ishans Muse and planksip® Mobius Maker 8420

Ishans Muse and planksip® Mobius Maker 8420
I think of part two of Gogol’s Dead Souls, why did Gogol destroy part two before his death? Part one pointed out the flaws in Russian figures of speech, and Gogol was synonymous with arguing from the status quo.

A Triptych Dogleg - A planksip® Möbius Worth Living

A Triptych Dogleg - A planksip® Möbius Worth Living
Stalinist fear nullified Bakhtin and now a theorist that we can only speculate about. His work has, in large measure, perished under the Stalinist steam roller. I enjoyed Dead Souls and have some of my own thoughts as to where this Russian story was headed. As Tolstoy said of Anna Karenina, the character told her own story and a life of her own. He suffered a great sadness when the story that defined Anna ended.
2 Become 1: The Right Image is Never Absolute

2 Become 1: The Right Image is Ephemeral - artist apply themselves and the image evolves

The merger between art and artist is ephemeral. Open for interpretation the community can contribute at will, this stage play and performance, commanded by the narrative is not a restriction but a path forward. Contribute, if you are up to the challenge.
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