discovery is a relative term
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Finding the truth of all matter is all that natters. Listen. Can you hear the nattering? It has no sound but a frequency for sure. Continuation is continuity, according to Heraclitus, so make a move, any move and take responsibility for the consequences, for now. Until such time as the information overload, or overLord (take your pick) immobilizes the movement of the masses we will have personal responsibility and societal duty to uphold; scenes to recreate, and memories to memorize. Not another Utopian Oh-no-matopian Language Game. Oh no, onomatopoeia sounds like a utopian game with and within language itself. Under no duress do I digress. My regression is away from the mean, away from the shelter under the curve of the bell.
2 Become 1: The Right Image is Never Absolute

2 Become 1: The Right Image is Ephemeral - artist apply themselves and the image evolves

The merger between art and artist is ephemeral. Open for interpretation the community can contribute at will, this stage play and performance, commanded by the narrative is not a restriction but a path forward. Contribute, if you are up to the challenge.
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Gamma: Discovery is a Relative Term
Iota: Why I Iota Ask Why?
Kappa: Games of Chance with a Throw of the Astraguli
Lambda: Discovery is a Relative Term
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