Seven Sages Signify a Heptagram - Luck has Nothing to do with it!
"The so-called science of poll-taking is not a science at all but a mere necromancy. People are unpredictable by nature, and although you can take a nation's pulse, you can't be sure that the nation hasn't just run up a flight of stairs." 
- E. B. White, 1899-1985: in New Yorker 13 November 1948

What are you Stairing At - Ballooning Out of Control - A planksip® Warning

What are you 'Stairing' At? - Ballooning Out of Control - A planksip® Warning
With so many nodes of negation, the plethora of possibilities ensure categories of increasing complexity. These information structures of the "future will", will pave the way to prosperity. In order for lady liberty to remain in a state of timeless beauty, we will have to defend her existence. This is beyond the philosophy of existentialism, beyond Being and Nothingness...
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