Tell the Truth they Say - Replication Ain’t Easy

Maher’s Razor - Cut Out Bureaucracy - Cut the Red Tape - A planksip® Suggestion

Maher’s Razor - Cut Out Bureaucracy - Cut the Red Tape 
Challenging certainties and societal norms lead to new paths with periodic clearings of cognition. The act of challenging doesn’t mean dismantling, even with deconstructive maneuvers, fundamental concepts and the building blocks of our Giants remain relevant to the history of our Being.
Left hand turns in thought are much like distancing yourself from your Ego only to turn towards envy. A path towards the clearing is not through the ditches of envy. If left is wrong, what is right? I propose indifference as right, yet incorrect. Darwinian sensibilities point our that we don't choose our inheritable traits. What makes a trait heritable in the first place? Something that replicates at a faster rate ??
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